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Headquartered in South Park, MatterFab is based in a manufacturing hub of Seattle, Washington. MatterFab’s purpose built T4 Metal Additive Manufacturing system is being used to solve the most difficult aspects of 3-D printing of metal parts.


Opening up Opportunities in AM

MatterFab’s system enables complex design, opens process control to enable industrial leaders to build quality parts efficiently and reliably at production rates.



Introducing T4

The T4 developed by MatterFab sets a new standard for metal additive manufacturing with a best in class power delivery system. The modular system architecture enables machine systems to scale to any size, integrate with robotic processing and industrial automation, and be adapted to third party solutions to serve multiple markets.



Design Tools

MatterFab takes a new, more flexible, approach to design, processing and control software tools. We integrate the AM platform, providing access to the critical parameters and data, while maintaining the connection from design to control and monitoring.

Printer Services

Materials currently being developed include Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, and Inconel.


MatterFab is a metal additive manufacturing start up. Focused on delivering hardware and software solutions in the AM space for the demands of aerospace and automotive markets.

We have identified means to address the biggest problem in metal AM, repeatability, through continual management of the powder and laser focus.

MatterFab is positioned to engage with the market growth predicted in the AM industry. Analysts predicted a 47% growth in printer sales in March of 2016 and trending growth through 2018.
Sales of AM systems for metal part are increasing. An estimated 808 metal AM machines were sold in 2015, growth of 46.9% over 2014.
In Q1 of 2017, the MatterFab engineering team developed a best in class metal additive system called the T4, and is now operating and advancing in capability on a daily basis.
We have more to do and we are currently fundraising and seeking strategic partners to continue development and capture the opportunities in the aerospace and automotive markets. To learn more hit the connect button.

2014 Metal AM Sales
2017 Metal AM Sales
+ billion
2020 AM Metal Sales

What Makes our Total Solution Approach to Additive Manufacturing Different

We’ve designed our T4 system, and core technology, to address the key issues for building quality parts: repeatability and process control.

The six elements of our Total Solution approach include:


Industrially, proven 1-kW industrial fiber laser


High resolution, 3-D digital scanner with variable spot size control


Advanced calibration management


Integrated material handling


Robust mechanical architecture


High efficiency fume collection and environmental management

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MatterFab was founded in 2013 in San Francisco with venture seed funding to incorporate innovative concepts to take metal additive manufacturing  (MAM) out of specialty and manufacturing labs to make it accessible to the broader industrial manufacturing sector.  After raising a $5.75M Series A round in 2015, MatterFab partnered with one of the world’s most advanced user of metal additive manufacturing to address the most pressing issues of industrial use of MAM, repeatability from part to part and machine to machine. In late 2015 MatterFab relocated to the South Park area of Seattle and started the development of a best in class metal additive system. Today, that system, called the T4, is now operating and advancing in capability on a daily basis.

MatterFab is currently seeking investors.  If you would like to hear more about the financial opportunity, please contact us.

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Highly Qualified Team

Our management team’s experience in the aerospace industry is a key competitive advantage for MatterFab. CEO Dr. Jonathan Saint Clair, COO Dr. Robert Vets, and CTO Dr. Matthew Patterson come from The Boeing Company, where they repeatedly developed and implemented hardware/software solutions for metrology, manufacturing, and electro-optical systems in commercial and military programs.


Dr. Jonathan Saint Clair


Jonathan Saint Clair received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington, and has more than 30 years’ experience leading the development and industrial application of laser and electro-optics technology for aerospace and defense.  He led the Boeing Commercial Space Company startup’s optical inter-satellite link product line development, and was President of Vestigo: a Boeing incubator optical metrology project.

Dr. Robert Vets


Robert Vets has a PhD in Aeronautics & Astronautics from the University of Washington. His 30 years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing include 20 years designing, building, and testing laser and electro-optical systems. Robert led hardware and software development efforts as both a technical expert and a manager.

Dr. Matthew Patterson


Matt Patterson has a Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington. Matt worked in The Boeing Company’s Applied Math: Geometry and Optimization group. There he developed new mathematical approaches to additive manufacturing processes that continue to save hundreds of millions of dollars for Boeing.

Lauren Formicola

VP of Business Operations, Marketing, and Communications

Lauren is a marketing and communications professional with over ten years’ experience in media relations and brand management, as well as small business startup and management.
Alex Govan

Electrical Engineer

Lora - System Integration Laboratory Supervisor
Lora Campbell

Systems Integration
Laboratory Supervisor

Ordie Butterfield

Opto Mechanical Engineer

Ramiro Cecchet

Project Engineer

Sreeram Bhaskara

Software Engineer

Colin Campbell

Software Engineer

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